Monday, 13 May 2013

A few weeks back we had another decent size ACW skirmish game and Dan grabbed some pictures. So here I am shamelessly stealing them for the blog...

So this is a decent way through the game -- the objective is to take and hold the crossroads which is in the centre of this image hidden by the trees.

The union main body -- a few sharpshooters and some line infantry commanded by a major -- have taken the walls around the crossroads. The yellow dots are marking figures eligible to shoot. In games this size it starts getting hard to remember who moved, who's unloaded etc without some markers.
The confederate main advance is moving down the road towards them while more infantry shelter in the woods.

Meanwhile, once gain on the right flank, the Zouaves are engaged in another slog against more line infantry across another cornfield. (I swear I really have bought the flags for these guys now... they just arrived after this game).

The game ended with the main confederate body having reach the crossroads, but both flanks dissolving under fire -- on the right from some Feds armed with repeating rifles (which it turns out are dead handy for this sort of thing) and on the left by simply being outnumbered. Another couple of turns and they'd have been surrounded, so it was a pretty much a weak victory for the Union (because they took a lot of casualties to get there).

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  1. Katie,

    Thank you for the information on Col. Cooke's coat colour.

    -- Jeff