Monday, 13 May 2013

Finally, after all the weekends spent working, got back to painting. This is a section of Elf Voltigeur for Flintloque -- the guys at the club are up for having a game. As ever, if I provide the figures.. :-)

They're actually from an original edition box set I picked up ages ago at a Bring&Buy at (I think) Salute. I got Sharke's Victory and Deadloque 1st ed ages ago when they were relatively newly released, so when I saw a reasonably priced base set considered it a bargain to get the actual rules.

Painted with a mix of VJ and CDA with Army Painter washes. Still need bases doing, but it was late Sunday before I'd got the colours on.

Next weekend I'll have a bash at the Orcs to go with them. Then we can try it out. And then if it flies, I can paint the other couple of hundred quidworth of figures which are stored under my table. Some of them are still in the original blister packs...

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