Thursday 24 September 2015

Fantasy Warriors Time Dial

Fantasy Warriors is one of the few games that makes extensive use of time in the game. The day is divided into 12 periods and not only does the daylight or night darkness matter (affecting the soldiers abilities), but also at dawn, ghosts disappear and there are other time triggered effects.

The original game came with a cardboard dial and an hourglass to move around on it, but since I'm replacing things like the ammunition tracking with nice tokens, why not the time dial?

Warbases very nicely cut me out a double-sized version of their casualty counter to use as a starter. I wrote up some PostScript to generate a suitable disk to go in it numbered 1-6 twice. The disk got some light painting (oranges & yellow for the day and then two shades of blue for the night).

Then I needed something to put on it -- GW at one point did a monk with quill... Actually he's a techno-monk, but that was easily fixed with a scalpel trimming off tech down to just being ornamentation. The rest of his station is made of pieces from the bits box. A lantern from Mordheim, an Ainsty barrel, a telescope and theodolite from Mega Miniatures and various other bits and bobs. I've left them on smaller bases so that I have the option of using them separately or swapping them in the future for other features.

You can't see it too clearly in the picture below, but the crate is being used as a desk, with a chest, scrolls and an Alternative Armies pie on it.

The dial's basework was built up with the same B&Q filler I use for figures and Woodland Scenics scatter with tufts from Great Escape Games.

And so, instead of a boring cardboard dial, I have a monk, recording the battle for history!
Time Dial