Friday 23 November 2012

ACW Painting

Painting ACW seems to be a topic that gets asked about a lot on various boards. I'm kind of pragmatic about this, so I have a fairly standard recipe book to use;

Part Shade Main Highlight
Union CoatsVJ807 Oxford Blue+white+more white
Union Trousers VJ844 Deep Sky Blue VJ961 Sky Blue +white
Berdan CoatsCDA155 Angel Green CDA111 Dark Elf GreenCDA521 Army Green
Berdan TrousersVJ893 US dark green+white+more white
Bright Red (Zouave Trousers)VJ982 Cavalry BrownVJ957 Flat Red+VJ911 Bright Orange
Musket Wood CDA216 Negro CDA235 Horse Tone Brown CDA529 Beige Brown
Musket Metal- CDA142 Gun MetalMiniature Paints Silver
Confederate Grey P3 IronHull Grey VJ992 Neutral Grey VJ836 London Grey (+some amount of white for variation)
Confederate Brown CDA116 Barbarian Leather CDA519 Midstone CDA221 Horse Tone Dun