Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Update on Painting and Modelling.

So for various reasons, I've not done much in the way of updates. It's not that I've not been painting -- I've just not go round to taking photos...

Something I've been working on recently are battlefield features for Flintloque games -- models to form focal points in scenarios, objectives or just decorations...

Ordinance Officer McTavish's Equipment
The first on the list are the extras from "VLE04 Ordinance Officer McTavish" which was bought off Ebay and comes with a demolition charge (which I mounted on a small base to stop it getting lost) and a rock with surveying equipment. The rock I based on a couple of washers on a large slottabase and added groundwork to make it a bit more inspiring. It gives an initiative bonus to any section with a member in contact with it.

Equipment from Orc Camp Followers
This handcart and camp-fire are from the "54502 Orc Camp Followers" set. The handcart is just painted and mounted on a base to protect it. The camp-fire I painted, put onto a base and then added a surround of stones and filled in the base of the fire with grey and black model railway ballast. I'm toying with the idea of using thin wire to add a twist of smoke rising from the centre of it..

Ammo Dump and Ruined Walls
These elements are assembled from items in the "59006 Battlefield Debris" pack. The ammo dump is spare muskets stacked against some of the supply elements. The walls I assembled onto a 40mm square base and added overgrowth. They're painted to match my medieval/napoleonic buildings.

The well came out of a pile of Wild West scenery which had been awaiting painting for a while -- it's a Hovels piece. Mounted again on a 40mm base and a puddle and weeds added around it. The water effect is just Humbrol gloss varnish in several layers.

General's Table and Globe
Lastly, the equipment for a general! The globe was (I think) a Mega Miniatures casting. That's just painted and based up to match, although I did gloss the sphere. The general's table is made from balsa, the chicken dinner, bottle and mug from my spares box (I think they were originally made by Grenadier). The maps are simply scans shrunk down and laser-printed... but for consistency they're scanned from the original scenario maps from Flintloque edition 1.


  1. Lovely stuff Katie. Excellent paint work and excellent use of items for terrain markers too. Now your Flintloque forces will have something to fight over that is really nice. GBS

  2. Nice work, adding the details to things like the camp fire does help make them look really good.