Sunday, 18 May 2014

New Infantry Units

Actually they're not that new, but I've only just got round to photographing them.

Bavarian Dwarfs
This unit of Bavarians are Ferach allies. There's a captain on a pony, sergeant, drummer and 8 soldiers. The 300 point target for skirmish units means missing out one of the regular infantrydwarves. The uniform is reasonably historical; light blue coats, black crested raupenhelm with bearskin crest for the sergeant/drummer. The green plume indicates light infantry. Originally this unit contained the blister packs listed as the "Legion de Nain", but when we tried them out, that group was a bit underpowered -- the Dwarf musketry skills being lost in a unit with so many people armed only with close-combat weapons. I didn't want to double up the poses, but I realised that "52013 Beervarian Line" could be used to expand it. So the figures became less elite, but the unit got bigger.

The Emperor!
No Ferarch army would be complete without The Emperor. This version is from my copy of Slaughterloo. I wanted to do a dappled white horse so he stands out, and I added extra decorations to the base.

Spanish Guerrillas
This 300pt group of guerrillas is led by a version of La Spiga on foot from LE005 which I bought from Ainsty. With most of the contents of the two guerrilla blister packs, the add up to a pretty interesting group -- with the Dark Elf trait of melee bonuses it's worth giving them lots of knives and swords and other sharp pointy, stabby things to make the best of it.

Portuguese Line Infantry
Captain Stonelaugh's Centre Company is 300pts of Portuguese who are dressed in the Britorc-supplied dark blue line infantry uniform with yellow turnbacks. They don't have a flag yet because I've not managed to run into anyone selling one at a show yet. But they do have a Lt. Elvis Madkaff in the rear rank!

Orc Characters
I've been slowly adding character figures for the various armies -- this is Sir Marcus Conclave (a exp/civilian who leads pioneer teams) and Mrs. Stone, widow of the popular Sgt. Stone from the Sarf Essex who still accompanies them.

Italian Todoroni Light Companie.
This 300pt company is commanded by Capt. Alberto Bertoada assisted by the enthusiastic Sgt. Giovanni Oppeti. Newly formed, they're not the best troops. Each is armed with a musket and the cowardly trait. Technically they should be in a pale green uniform, but I didn't really want to do that because it wouldn't give a lot of contrast with their skin. Some Italian units did wear all-white uniforms (although not with bicornes) so I've stretched reality a bit, but we are talking giant musket-armed toads here..

Elite Todoroni
This unit is LEU001 "Bella Manicotti" along with LE043 "Baron Petrochemicoli". The LEU (which I bought off Ebay) contains 16 figures which makes it phenomenally expensive as a Flintloque unit (way over the 300pt guide). I pondered converting some of the figures and moving them into other units, but in the end decided to go with it as intended and six of the figures will stay in the box. Numbers 1-10 make up a 300 point regular unit, including the opera singer! Petrochemicoli gives me a commander for the pair of units, making them a nice-sized force.

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